Automatic Of Sectional And Overhead Doors

  • Industrial doors are widely used in industrial and agricultural facilities, car dealerships, car washes and service stations, fire stations and warehouses, public buildings.
  • Numerous design options of industrial doors (10 types) allow installing doors in the facilities with any peculiarities of the opening: low crosspiece, high ceiling or pitched roof and etc. Industrial Alutech doors series ProPlus can be installed in the openings 8 m wide and 7 m high. Design of such doors has been additionally reinforced to ensure operational reliability and safety.
  • Industrial doors are sectional doors with a special design for an intensive use. Their design enables to perform up to 100,000 open/close cycles.
  • Weight of sectional doors is balanced by individually selected torsion springs, so that doors can be opened or closed manually. To open Alutech industrial doors one needs to apply force below 260N (≈26 kg), whereas the weight of the door leaf can exceed 600 kg.
  • Automated equipment systems can be used to ensure a more comfortable and secure sectional doors control.
  • Alutech sectional doors are fully complient with all the requirements of European safety standards, and confirmed by the test reports issued by European accredited laboratories. Available reports of conformity prepared on the basis of issued protocols makes it possible to mark Alutech doors with CE label.
  • Use of energy – saving panels and sealing along the entire door perimeter ensures suitable temperature inside the industrial premises.

Product Highlights

  • Modern designs and countless combinations meeting the needs of modern architectural buildings.
  • The new generation of gates providing a solid, modern and discreet solution. Gates that are easy to install and do not need maintenance.
  • High standard aesthetics and simple lines forming a modern construction. Gates that may be combined with various materials such as perforated sheets, polycarbonate sheets and various architectural infill’s and elements.
  • Our goal is to continually develop Gates that can be installed in the most diverse exteriors, ranging from very modern and contemporary to more classical and even rustic.
Durability And Reliability The design of ALUTECH industrial doors has been thought out to the last detail. All door elements are designed for intensive use and openings of large sizes. The steel sandwich panel, filled with high density polyurethane, provides the door leaf with rigidity and high resistance to shock and wind loads. ALUTECH doors in the ProPlus Series withstand a 700 Pa wind load, which corresponds to a wind speed of 120 km/h.
Tested Durability The doors in the ProPlus Series utilise components with high anti-corrosion properties prolonging the life of the doors:
  • roller brackets and intermediate hinges made of stainless steel
  • painted side caps and torsion springs
  • sandwich panels with a polyurethane coating modified with polyamide particles (PUR-PA). Tests have confirmed that the door leaf can withstand 15 years of service in coastal areas without corrosion.
Energy Efficiency Thanks to their high insulation qualities ALUTECH doors provide a comfortable temperature in buildings used for logistic operations and the storage of goods. The thermal transmittance coefficient for ALUTECH doors is:
  • ProTrend Series (panel is 40 mm)— 1.15 W/(m2 К)
  • ProPlus Series (panel is 45 mm)— 1.01 W/(m2 К)
Thermal insulation U=1.0 W/(m2 К) is comparable with a brick wall of 60 cm thickness.
An Ideal Solution For Any Facility Such a wide range of industrial doors, allows you to choose the best solution for any facility taking into account all customer requirements:elegant aluminium doors take into account all the trends in the modern architecture of industrial buildings.
Broad Range Of Mounting Options 10 types of mounting allow you to install industrial doors in buildings with different types of opening construction: with a low headroom, high ceilings or a sloped roof. Various types of door leaf balancing and reinforced door construction allow you to install doors in openings of large sizes— up to 8,000 mm×7,000 mm. All the doors are made individually for a specific opening size in increments in height and width of 5 mm.
  • Remote Control
  • Access Control
  • Photocells (Safety Sensors)
  • Flashing Lamp
  • Safety Edge
  • Inductive Loop Detection System
  • Key Switch
  • Push Button
  • Mobile Operation through GSM Controller
Type of Installation for Industrial Doors ProPlus series

Standard door installation is classical mounting type (the shaft with springs is located above the door leaf, the door is opened at a straight angle).

Standard Installation
Vertical and high installation types can be used for permises with high ceilings.

High Installation with top shaft location

High Installation with bottom shaft location

Vertical Installation with top shaft location

Vertical Installation with bottom shaft location

In case roof is pilched it will perfectly match with inclined installation type of doors.

Inclined Installation

Inclined Low Installation

Inclined High Installation with bottom shaft location

Inclined High Installation with top shaft location

In case of low crosspiece

Low Installation