Automatic Bollards


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Product Highlights

Sliding Gates With Track

The exceptional level of finish is a particular feature of the sliding gates, with a tube structure to which various types of paneling are applied. Products bearing the signs of traditional craftsmanship and high quality, guaranteeing functionality, security and durability.

Selecting double ball-bearing wheels to ensure the smoothest running of the gates, the application of a protection plate to prevent it running off-track, the buffers and the wheel holders made in thick material, all make Chordia Automatic sliding gates a leading product in this sector.

  • Traditional
  • Telescopic

Sliding Gates With No Track

Chordia Automation extensive experience in manufacturing sliding gates has resulted in designing and developing the cantilever gate, running on internal rollers instead of a track on the ground. The running gear is more than enough to bear the weight of supporting the gate when in movement. The Chordia Cantilever gate is supplied solely prepared for the addition of a motor.

  • Application – residential / commercial / industrial
  • Drive type -irreversible / reversible
  • Motor type – traditional / brushless
  • Mains power supply – 230 v ac / 380 v ac / 400 v ac
  • Motor power supply – 230 v ac / 380 v ac / 400 v ac / 24 v dc / 36 v dc
  • MAXIMUM LENGTH – 12 mtrs / 20 mtrs
  • OPERATING CYCLES TEST UP TO – 50,000 cycles / 2,50,000 cycles / 5,00,000 cycles (internal test verified at the nominal values with a 6 m gate at environmental temperature of 20° C. The value shown is not the maximum value.)
  • Maximum leaf weight – 400 kgs / 500 kgs / 600 kgs / 800 kgs / 1000 kgs /1200kgs / 1400 kgs / 1600 kgs / 1800 kgs / 2200 kgs / 3200 kgs / 6000 kgs
  • Rated speed – 9.5 mtrs / 12 mtrs / 18 mtrs / 24 mtrs
  • Operating cycles per day – 50 cycles / 800 cycles / 1000 cycles / 1300 cycles.
  • Limit switch – mechanical / magnetic.
  • Technical specs may vary as per product specifications.
  • Access control
  • Flashing lights
  • Safety edge
  • Safety photocells
  • High speed gate drive
  • Inductive loop systems
  • Matching infill’s and cladding
  • Other options on request

Approved standards:
  • Directive 89/336/eec (emc directive).
  • Directive 73/23/eec (low voltage directive).
  • En 61000-6-3
  • En 61000-6-2
  • En 60335-1
  • En 60335-2-103
  • En 12453
  • En 12455
  • Safe due to encoder management it allows A precise and safe control of slowdowns when opening and closing.
  • Practical automatically learns via the learning function of the control unit. Receiving radio with practical coupling.
  • Quick to install and start due to its simple functions and its height and depth adjustments.
  • Strong due to its sturdy aluminum base treated with anti-corrosive paint and a reliable roger brushless motor, mounted in dedicated housings and bearings.
  • Equipped with A release lever with A safe and easy lock.
  • Emergency manual release and manual operation in case of a power failure.
  • Possibility of automatic closure after a selected pause time.
  • Possibility of automatic gate closing after mains power outage.
  • Selecting step mode control function / condominium function.
  • Possibility of automatic closing.
  • Possibility of partial opening adjustment.
  • Possibility of adjusting torque and speed.
  • Possibility of adjusting acceleration and deceleration.
  • Possibility of adjusting obstacle detection and sensing edge.